Enter a new world

World Seller is a game about leveling up your skills and taking over the world!

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14+ Tradeskills

Explore an interconnected web of tradeskills, each with their own impact on the game. Utilize a semi-realistic set of tools to create explosives, equipment, and tongue piercings!

You start off gathering some basic resources - fish, sticks, and rocks. You'll turn these into weapons, armor, tongue piercings, and sleep medication (which totally doesn't kill you).


Beat up goblins

Explore hand-crafted dungeons and try to work out the optimal way to get conquer them. There are plenty of disposable goblins in your path.

You'll use every tradeskill when you explore dungeons and enter combat, since they all give you unique skills, including some that set you on fire, some that heal you, and some that do both.


Sell the world, and more

Upgrade your shop, and sell every item you come across for some coin.

Automate the gathering of materials, the refining of those materials, and even the selling of those materials. With this, you'll build enormous wealth, which you have to turn around and use to pay your workers, or they'll stop working!


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